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modern style garage door
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Have a Trending Garage Door for 2023!

Did you know a garage door can have style? A new year brings in new ideas of what we used to think was flat and mundane. Garage doors are heavily utilized and are essential for the home, yet over the years, they’re just kind of…there. Changing the style of your garage door doesn’t mean you have to forgo the convenience and security that comes with owning one. Read on to discover the trending garage door styles of 2023!

For the year 2023, a trending garage door means bold colors, bold combinations, sustainable design, and a garage door that stands out from the crowd. The following garage door styles have been trending for years now, but it’s good to know how to elevate what’s still in style for your home. 

What Style is Your Home?

From a contemporary to a craftsman style home, the style every homeowner wants is an easy and convenient style. A carriage, traditional, and modern garage door style can work for any style of home. Merchantville Overhead Doors can install the following garage door styles for your home near the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas.

Garage Door Styles

Choose your favorite style garage door for your home. They can all be sustainable designs and painted in bold colors.


carriage style garage door

A carriage style garage door is like an embellished traditional garage door. Also known as the carriage-house style, it is available in steel, faux wood, and real wood options in multiple wood grains and colors. Designed to exhibit historic charm, this style is usually adorned with contrasting hardware, including door handles and hinges. Adding decorative hardware or handles in the center makes it appear that the doors swing outwards. 

Any decorative hardware adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic that the carriage style conveys. You can even complete the look with overlay paneling, depending on your preferences. This style is meant to look old school, and oftentimes the “X” design is a callback to the barn style many homes had with their horse and carriage, hence where the carriage-house name comes from. A carriage style garage door presents an excellent opportunity to embrace old styles in bold colors, so it’s still trendy in 2023!

Clean lines and functional features characterize a modern style garage door. This style relies on smooth and sleek finishes, but of course, there are many variations a modern style garage door can have. Many modern garage doors appear to consist of one panel or a flushed panel, which shows off contemporary and understated elegance. Matte black, full-view glass panels, and other bold combinations create a completely modern look.


modern style garage door

You can decide to have two to five windows placed along the side or faux wood materials for your modern style garage door. You can also decide to feature window configurations like full-view glass and metal accents, so your garage door can be more than just a storage space.



Traditional garage doors are the most popular choice for homeowners. The traditional style is typically a sectional garage door, separated by panels made from a steel material. The panels are connected with hinges and roll on a track as the door opens. You can add raised or recessed panels to any garage door material.

While the traditional style is more mainstream, it is a classic garage door style aimed to please potential buyers.

Rather than replacing the entire garage door, a color change or adding a few coats of paint can make your garage door look more modern and stylish. Choose a vibrant red, electric blue, or even a faux wood overlay so that your garage door is the center of attention for 2023. 

Get Creative With Your Garage Door

The secret to a trendy garage door in 2023 is working with what you’ve got! You don’t have to replace your entire garage door system for the first trendy style you see. Just like with the clothes you already have in your closet, you can use pieces you currently own but play up to create a more modern look. It’s about getting creative. 

Modern black barn-style garage door with an overlay
Merchantville Overhead Door

As you spend time on your garage door, you’ll realize you can use the space as an office, a workshop, a studio, or any other living space. Bigger glass panels or additional layers of insulation invite more opportunities for creative uses of space. Contact Merchantville Overhead Door for more garage door ideas, and visit our Gallery for additional inspiration for your garage door style.

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