What To Expect of Garage Door Styles in 2024

How Does Your Garage Door Have Style?

garage door styles 2024

Traditional Style

traditional garage door style

The foundation of garage doors will remain in 2024, so there will not be much expectation for revolutionary change. However, more emphasis will be placed on garage door technology integration. For instance, invest in smart garage door openers that allow highly customized security, such as remote monitoring from your smartphone. Additional internal locking mechanisms, voice control, and connectivity memory devices are all ways to enhance the way you operate your garage door. In 2024, a smart garage door is worth showing off!

Modern Style

modern style garage door

Modern style garage doors have taken off in recent years, and show no signs of slowing down. Many garage door styles in 2024 will take on reiterations of the modern elements listed above. Many of the garage door brands we work with for garage door installation offer innovative materials, alternative window placements, or flushed panel designs. 

Carriage Style

Garage door repair Beverly NJ

A simple color change will work wonders for your carriage style garage door! Rather than dark stained, brassy hardware, and wood-look carriage doors, opt for a different neutral color entirely. Monochromatic doors that blend in with the siding of your home or new custom color-matched overhead doors will significantly add curb appeal to your home or business alike.

Keep Your Garage Doors Looking Good in 2024 With Merchantville Overhead Door Company

You can expect lots of style for the upcoming year of 2024, and the longest-running garage door company in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area can help you achieve any rendition of your favorite garage door style. Schedule a consultation with our Merchantville Overhead Door professionals, or ask us about garage door maintenance to keep your overhead doors in style! 

Modern black barn-style garage door with an overlay
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