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Back To… Black? Three Pros and Cons of A Black Garage Door 

Are Black Garage Doors Worth The Hype?

Black garage doors are all the rage. But are they really worth the hype? At Merchantville Overhead Door, we’ve seen trends come and go over the course of our eighty-seven years in the business, and only time will separate the trends from the classics. But for now, let’s discuss three pros and three cons of installing a black garage door for your home or business.

Black Garage Door

Benefits of Installing A Black Garage Door

There is a reason that black garage doors have exploded onto the market in such a big way. As more homeowners begin to refine their design aesthetic, the modern design style has taken center stage. Sleek lines, minimalism, and chic black and white interiors have flooded home style magazines and interior design blogs. However, interiors aren’t the only thing getting a refresh. Homeowners and business owners alike want the outside of their spaces to appear just as stylish and curated as their indoor setting. This brings us to our first point.

1. Black Garage Doors Establish Visual Cohesion 

Many may come hesitantly around to the idea of a black garage door. The assumption is that it’s unconventional, that it’s too bold, and that it’ll stick out in a way that diverts attention from the rest of the property. This can’t be further from the truth. In actuality, black garage doors serve to ground the property by drawing the eye around the space in a more dynamic way. Thus, elevating visual cohesion.

2. Black Garage Doors Are Chic

No matter the design style, black garage doors are simply chic. They don’t have to try too hard to look good, and they hold their own against the more traditional white, grey, or wooden garage door styles. Though the color black has been previously linked to some pretty grim connotations, it is actually a color that signifies strength, authority, and sophistication as well. These qualities only add to the timelessness and elegance of your home or business and provide a professional look that establishes feelings of trust and ease with visitors or potential buyers.

3. Black Garage Doors Add Curb Appeal

Let’s review. Are black garage doors modern? Check. Are they trendy? Check. Are they visually appealing? Check! That’s a recipe for great curb appeal. And typically, homes with high curb appeal also tend to have high property values. This decision seems like the ultimate win! 

Black garage doors
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Black Garage Doors Are Great, But They’re Not All Glamour

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of installing a black garage door, it’s only fair to discuss the elements of caution to keep in mind before making this decision. Here are the cons.

1. Black Garage Doors Retain Heat

The color black is never praised for its reflective properties. In fact, I’m sure we’ve all worn black on a hot sunny day and instantly regretted it. The truth is, black absorbs sun rays and retains heat. Depending on the material of your garage door, you want to be extremely careful. Black metal doors can actually heat to the point where they can cause physical damage if you’re not careful. Temperatures can reach a high that will burn your hand during our northeastern summer months. However, considering an alternate material selection that still achieves your desired look is a great solution. Our experienced Merchantville Overhead Door service members are more than happy to help!

2. Black Garage Doors May Be Less Energy Efficient

Since black garage doors do attract, retain, and conduct a certain level of heat, they may be less energy efficient. Again, depending on your garage door material, you may be doing more harm than good. Metal doors can radiate heat from the outside in and warm your space beyond what you bargained, or budgeted for. The solution? Allow one of our experts to walk you through specialized paint or material options that keep the heat out, and your garage cool.

3. Painted Black Garage Doors May Fade Over Time

As the sun beams against your black garage door, the paint will inevitably lose its boldness over time. That’s why this may not be best for those looking for a zero-maintenance option. Additionally, black garage doors require specialized paint to mitigate the effects of the summer heat. However, considering the increase in curb appeal and property value, the cost of paint touch-ups every now and then pales in comparison to the value gained by installing a black garage door.

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Black Garage Door

Black Garage Doors: To Buy, Or Not To Buy

All in all, there is quite a bit to consider before purchasing and installing a black garage door. Though they are trendy, they can come with potentially significant drawbacks. The good news? Every potential drawback can be amended with the help of trained service professionals. Whatever you decide, Merchantville Overhead Door is here for you each step of the way. We serve southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area with pride! Ready to make your decision now? Call Merchantville Garage Door Today! Our team of service experts is eager to assist.

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