Garage Door Styles of 2023

What To Do During Each Season for Garage Door Maintenance

Spring Time: The Season For Spring Cleaning

Summer: Extra TLC

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Winter: The Season To Complete The Cycle

Winter snow and icy winds heavily weather a garage and its hardware system. After some time, the combination of repeated usage and below-freezing temperatures hinder the garage door hinges, springs, tracks, or cables. During the winter, these are the most vulnerable parts to your overhead door that could break or snap under pressure. If there are extra loud grinding noises coming from your garage door, please call a professional during this time to properly inspect all components for potential garage door repair or parts replacement.

*Extra Care Tip: Consider insulated garage doors for new installation if your home experiences drafts or increasing utility costs. The inside of your home, as well as your garage, will be kept comfortable as a result, while the installation increases energy efficiency against extreme weather.

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